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What is meant by collateral when it comes to bail bonds?

Since a bail bond is representing a licensed Santa Ana Bail Bonds company’s serious financial obligation which is made on behalf of a defendant who has been accused of criminal activity in Orange County California, the bail agent might decide to require that collateral be put up. This is to help protect the bail agency when it makes the financial promise that the defendant will show up in court as required.

Collateral can be anything that has value that is offered by the defendant or his/her family members. These assets are at risk of being forfeited if the defendant skips the scheduled court dates. The collateral is returned only after all scheduled court appearances are kept, and the 10% bond premium has been paid in full. Some examples of collateral:

  • cars
  • boats
  • artwork
  • collectible items
  • rare coins and stamps
  • jewelry
  • antiques

Anything that holds value can be considered collateral. Orange County Bail Bonds doesn’t always require collateral.

Bail Bonds in Fullerton are typically used to bail somebody out of the Fullerton Jail. When someone is arrested by the Fullerton Police Department, the bail amount is determined by the Orange County Bail Schedule. Because the amount can be determined without going before a judge, the defendant can often be released within a couple of hours of being arrested if a bail agent is contacted immediately. Once a defendant has been transferred to the main county jail, it can take up to 8 hours to have somebody bailed out in Orange County.

What to do if someone has been arrested in Ventura County

If you or a relative has been arrested in Ventura County, time is of the essence. Getting bailed out of the jail in Simi Valley can be done in less than an hour as long as a specialist in bail bonds Simi Valley is contacted right away. This is because once a person has been transferred to the main jail in Ventura, it can take from 6 to 8 hours to get the person released. If the defendant has already been transferred to the main county jail, make sure to contact an agent who specializes in bail bonds in Ventura. That way, the amount of time spent waiting in jail can be minimized. Defendants in the smaller holding cells in other parts of Ventura County can get released even quicker. for example, if someone is arrested in Oxnard, they will be taken to the Oxnard Police Department to be processed. The booking area there is very small, so defendants get transferred to the main county jail very quickly. If an Oxnard bail bonds company is contacted right away, it’s possible to get somebody released before they are transferred.